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Whoo, thanks for activating the account, that was quick. Found this place and am waiting for more people to show up, lol. :mrgreen:
I live in New South Wales (Australia) and came across your site on DA. Nice fanart hoard! :3 My father once owned an Australian Water Dragon. That's about it?
Oh, and his name was Bitey.
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Re: Hi!

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Hi Bitey!

Good to see you here! Is there a story to your Water Dragon's name? Were fingers involved? :P
Also, my first two people on here are from Australia - nice! :)

The closest thing I've come to ever owning a reptile is picking up and relocating the fifty Blue Tongue lizards that seem to make it into my front yard each year. They eat from the chickens' food bowls, and the chooks walk up the steps to my front door and start to complain loudly, for me to remove the intruder, haha.
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