Regarding "spamming"

Some friendly requests, because SPAM-related comments are an enemy of forums:

  1. Please keep discussions about political and current-media themes grounded and to a minimum, as these themes attract fake forum signups and comments/SPAM like flies to a Crimson Goregutter’s steaming turd. :poop:

  2. Online forums aren’t good places for high emotions or misunderstandings, so just be mindful of that and focus on being calmer and clearer if you’re upset.
    You can always “flag” another person’s comment, if it blatantly goes against this forum’s TOS.

  3. Generic “reputation management” or “reputation attack” (this thing is great/this thing sucks) comments/signups will likely get deleted.
    Signing up only to promote something, already goes against this forum’s “don’t impersonate someone” rule, as you’d be impersonating a genuine person. At least put real and meaningful effort into your posts, if you’re going to try regardless.

Finally: Online forums are generally only as “private” as a certain kind of (quality) restaurant - there are like-minded people there and staff to serve you, but it’s still a reasonably public place.

BTW: You don’t need to give your real name to sign up - “HappyGronckle” etc. is fine.